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Finding quality financial leadership when you need it can be tough. Our skilled professionals provide you with executive financial and/or operational leadership as you work through significant changes in your business.
There is little doubt that having skilled financial leadership on your team is essential. Unfortunately, hiring a full time executive may not be the optimal answer. Retaining someone with the breadth and depth of skills you need "on occasion" is an expensive proposition if paid for "all the time". Increasingly, businesses are staffing for the ongoing tactical needs and retaining part-time or interim senior professionals when they are necessary, occasions such as:
  • embracing new markets
  • raising capital
  • rationalizing cash flow
  • managing through key management turnover
  • forecasting and planning
  • renegotiating debt, and
  • improving finance department reporting and operations

LedgerSource can quickly and effecitvely lead important initiatives like these, freeing you and your staff to manage ongoing business operations.

Our services allow you to maintain flexibility, minimize structural overhead, and access and pay for services only when they are truly needed.

Ourt solutions are specifically tailored for your situation and needs. Projects range from part-time CFO services a few hours a month to monitor results and coach ownership, to full time executive leadership over extended periods in which we are actively leading key initiatives. 

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