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Business owners and senior management regularly face a daunting array of tactical and strategic choices.
These are tough decisions; they have a long-term impact and the answers in many cases are not intuitively obvious.
LedgerSource's services are designed to help you make informed decisions that impact your business...with confidence.
We work with you in an efficient manner to make sure that you have the information you need, that management reaches consensus and that your team shares a common vision and are pulling on the oars together.

Strategic Sessioning. An intensive effort to develop, alter or confirm the fundamental elements of the business' direction, as well as identifying the key processes and action steps to execute the plan...more

Selection Decisions. Making an informed choice or priotization between competing alternatives. Applies to core strategy, information technology, capital purchase, site location, disaster recovery, employee benefits, process reengineering and other key decisions.


Risk Assessment. Protecting existing assets is essential to build financial strength. Understanding the likelihood and significance of specific business risks is the first step toward mitigation and control, and possibly toward turning them into a strategic advantage...more

Alternative Analysis. A "no" decision implies that there is a better alternative. Identifying and assessing the other option(s) is essential to optimizing future results.

We recognize the challenges you face, craft a solution-oriented process unique to your business, and bring you quick results. For concise printable information about LedgerSource's facilitated decision support services, please click here.

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