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LedgerSource's financial consulting and executive management services are designed to augment your team with specialized skills when you need them.

Transition Leadership in Finance. Our skilled professionals provide you with executive financial and/or operational leadership as you work through significant changes in your business such as:

  • embracing new markets
  • raising capital
  • rationalizing cash flow
  • key management turnover
  • forecasting and planning
  • renegotiating debt, and
  • improving finance department operations

Click here for additional information about these senior leadership services, or read a recent Case Study.

Business Plan & Financial Forecast Development. Business plans and their related financial models are important communication tools, articulating management's plan for investors, employees, lenders and other stakeholders. Once key decisions are made then the task of designing, drafting, vetting and communicating begins. LedgerSource professionals have developed meaningful financial forecasts and models for numerous established and fledgling businesses, and led the process of converting key concepts and ideas into the actual plan document...more
Outsourced Controllership and Accounting. This service is appropriate to those executives who need to reduce high processing costs, improve poor quality in the finance and accounting department, or see benefits in embracing a virtual business model. Solutions range from part-time leadership to comprehensive outsourcing of all accounting processes and personnel using MS Axapta through our affiliate relationship.

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