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Management faces many difficult decisions that not only effect current results, but may have far-reaching consequences. Every situation is unique and there are no formulaic answers to fall back on.

Essential information needed to support a decision is often fragmented and not easily accessible. Participants could have ulterior or conflicting motivations. Even prioritizing time to address these issues, while facing short-term crises, can present a challenge. Too often the result is no decision.


Unfortunately, the cost of making a poor choice — or, worse, making no decision — can have a staggering effect on revenue and profitability. And these are not the only concerns. Financial and other critical assets might be depleted as well from:

  • Unwise use of time by management, staff, board and advisors;
  • Misdirected activities that must be unwound later;
  • Lack of a clear mission, causing management to go in different directions;
  • Management’s inability to secure funding;
  • Personal anxiety, frustration and stress pervading the group’s actions.
So what is the solution?

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